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Jun. 19th, 2016

Micchi feels a familiar sense of entitlement rising up inside him as doctors and nurses swarm around him and into niisan's room, marvelling at his medical miracle and pushing Micchi out because visiting times are over. They're trying to keep him from his niisan.

Getting angry and taking revenge on everyone isn't the way to go though, he's learnt that if nothing else. When niisan softly says his name Micchi goes to his side, takes hold of his hand as Takatora promises everything will be fine and that he should go home and get some rest too, to be able to come back first thing in the morning. Because niisan wants him there.

Niisan still loves him.

That's the only thing that could've made Micchi leave willingly. But once he's outside the hospital building he isn't sure what to do with himself. This is a momentous occasion! Somebody needs to know about it!

...But nobody even knew niisan was in the hospital. Micchi hadn't told anyone. There aren't many people left who would care. Oren-san would, because of that kind of amusing obsession he has with Takatora, but that's not what niisan needs right now.

...Zack would care. Because it's important to Micchi. He's been gently letting Micchi know if he wants anything, needs anything, if he wants to come back to the Beat Riders - it's all possible. Micchi stares down at his phone for a moment before dialing Zack's number for the first time.



June 2016


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